Latest research

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My research gets at the problem of disinformation and a chaotic news eco system by asking: How will audiences respond to credibility indicators used at scale? In other words, when journalists or tech platforms implement top-down solutions to encourage choosing credible news, will audiences listen? I have a few projects in the works to examine the effectiveness of crowdsourcing and several published pieces about credibility labels.

I think it’s important to go past simple perceptions of credibility and measure the ways audiences engage with news they find credible or not. Because of that, I have completed several studies measuring commenting behaviors of audiences.

Find my most recently published work here:

Duncan, M., Perryman, M., & Shaughnessy, B. (2021). “Same scandal, different standards: The effect of partisanship on expectations of news reports about whistleblowers.” Online first from Mass Communication & Society. doi:

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