News, technology, audiences, partisanship,


As a researcher, I’m interested in how audiences engage with emerging forms of news. I’m especially interested in how they develop perceptions of credibility and decide to share news with others.



With more than five years of experience as a reporter and journalists, I know how the inside of a newsroom operates.


How does a social identity like political partisanship influence how audiences interact with news? What can be done to improve those interactions?

Emerging information technology

How do audiences adapt to and engage with emerging information technology?


I want to know how audiences make decisions about and engage with the expanding options of news.


How can drones improve news for audiences? How will interactions between audience members, journalists and drones influence the audience’s perception of news?


Assistant professor, Virginia Tech

In the Multimedia Journalism division of the School of Communication. I teach courses including multimedia reporting, media effects, communication research, and mass media and public opinion.

Journalism instructor, University of Florida, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Gained experience working hands-on with journalism students in small, lab environments.

Project assistant, Center for Journalism Ethics

The nation’s best academic center focused on journalism ethics. Coordinated several public-facing events each year, including an annual conference, and assisted with day-to-day operations such as the website.

Reporter, Butler Eagle Newspaper

With a focus on education, I spent five years as a reporter. My experience covered a wide range of stories, including breaking news and investigative journalism.